Codedbug is an audio/visual video projection created in collaboration with the Egyptian sound artist "Onsy" under the The Night Market Vol. 1 group exhibition, curated by Klara Vincent-Novotna and Jonny Tanna, was on at London’s Harlesden High Street Gallery, running from April 28 to June 5. 2019.

"Night Market Vol. 1 is the first in a series of interventions exploring the bootleg as a distorted mirror of global Capital. Housed in the reconfigurable space of a gallery-cum-market and reflecting our mass-produced ambitions and nostalgias, the exhibited works command a chorus of unauthorized voices, which mutate around familiar and established characters and brands.

The works assembled here act as material remainders that exceed the parameters of a given historical moment or even a given material artifact; vibrating across leylines of collective memory and affect, they unleash the potential to alter hegemonic aesthetic forms. Half-doppelganger and half-thief, we signal the death of the legitimate form while paradoxically engaging its aura as a signpost of pure desire.

Night Market vol.1 presents a collection of such forms - illicit, janked up, unauthorized, and immeasurably alluring. Everything you could possibly want starts here: under moonlit awning, illuminated in faint glow."