A foolish girl with a vibrant. her face was almost hidden with a shaggy lock of hair escaping her chignon that matched the flock of jellyfish stickers on the wall against her bed. She has a twisted obsession with bootleg video games sold by old men. She is an innocent, a precious star.. A deceiver..

In these games, she is the shooter, she is the target. She has to be cautious of her surroundings, but she is not to be trusted. It is possible that the game is portraying traitorous behavior, a betrayal, or deceit in her waking life. Or depict her insecurities, anxieties, and self-questioning and the thoughts that are eating her from inside in a ridiculous display.

She might feel sick, negative, jealous, or guilty but there's a joy to the delusion just like the fake game itself. She will be deceived and that betrayal is upon her.

Codedbug is a comic series written and illustrated by Castell LankoThe first chapter was published in 2019 during the "Night Market vol.1" Exhibition at Harlesden High Street Gallery in London, UK

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