"There is an aching in her bones, a thirst for desire. This night in all its innocence, is nothing but a distraction to her. A way to elude the demons, to resist the temptations. It is terrifying to think, to lose herself, yet she does."

Dispersion Internal Fissure is a short film created in July 2020 under Goethe-Institut "Quarantined" virtual exhibition. Exhibited at Kinomural festival 2021 at Wrocław, Poland.

The film is a simulation of the simulation: a visual embodiment of the experience of dissociative episodes. The main focus is on the character, she is the one who is subconsciously controlling her surroundings. Her episodes of dissociation develop as a coping mechanism with the violence of reality. The main feature of dissociative disorder is a disconnect between thoughts, identity, consciousness and memory. A disruption. Yet, the human body can adjust itself biologically to fit a dangerous and psychopathic other.

In essence this is a documentation of the desire to be somewhere or something else. Enslavement to this experiencing of the somewhere else and something else mediated through her powerful mind and paradoxically under its control.


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