Audio-visual installation at Roznama 8, Medrar for Contemporary Arts ,March 2021Video release on "did you mean: irish Vol.2" by IRSH, July 2022

Cybernetic Emptiness is an audio-visual project engaging topics relating to human identity, self-consciousness, virtual reality, communication and control theory. The name of the project is derived from the precise nature of what constitutes a human in the cyber void. It conceptualizes the true nature of the reality that the psychological self must function in. Through the concept of the self, reality, metaphysics, and epistemology-esque notions.

It explores the identity as a construct without a fixed or unambiguous location. As an entity, the character simultaneously exists in many places and in many modes. She is an extremely detached individual in a completely fundamental way. This detachment allows her to undergo a profound transformation in the virtual world and in her own fourth dimension by telepresence. Which allows her to hide under layers of virtuality and deception to form a secretive detached dimension, secured by the illusion of emptiness. Creating a simultaneity that allows for temporal immediacy and spatial isolation, bringing psychical connection in spite of physical separation.

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