Intoxicated Subconsciousness, 25 x 25 cm, Ink on Paper & Digital Manipulation

Multiple States of Consciousness is an on-going project and a collection of ink drawings, digital manipulated images made between 2018 / 2020.

Based on the concepts of Alter-Consciousness, self-awareness, and emotional dissociation through my own personal experience. Portraying the images of altered states of mind, interconnectedness of self with others and the world and potential of self-transformation. While questioning the limits of consciousness, and the barrier between conscious and unconscious processes through time, thought, body and emotion.

A level of conscious integration may change during certain conditions related to experimental cognitive manipulations, hypnosis, or stressful experiences that can lead to dissociation of consciousness.

This dissociation ranges from common experiences of highway hypnosis to more pathological states. These pathological states are associated with trauma, including a history of intense pain, emotional neglect, and sexual abuse.